Transparency is Key: Linder’s Budget

The following is the email I received from Chris 10 hours ago.

Halo  brother,
Thank you so much for reminding me each time. It makes me happy. I’m sorry that i took more time to send to you this budget. This is because, i was to go around to linders school, go to her aunts place and do more research about her leaving and education.

I have send to you her budget, both school and home needs. kindly, go through and let me know if there will be any question concerning the budget. The budget is simple and i didn’t include more needs.The home meals that i have included is only one meal per day.

I met my community  last saturday and i still hope to meet more people about the local fundraising. We have gain scheduled another meeting to discuss on the same with my community. The turn up of members was very low and those that attended insisted that we should have another meeeting at the end of this month and discuss about local fundraising. I hope the meeting will be fully attended by more people. Those that attended promiosed to pass over the word for the next meeting. people are happy about the matching team and i hope they will give in whatever they can.

Let us pray about this and ask God to lead us in everything. Thank you so much, i look forward in calling you before the end of the week. i will keep on updating you. Please let me know the day you will be available on the phone.

Thank you.
Fr Chris.

I want to share this email with those who are following the activity of Simiyu House as a show of transparency.  Chris and I are both at work on this project, and we are make micro-movements…a Big Difference is in the near future!

If you want to see the original budget breakdown, click this link: Monthly Linder

After some calculation, this puts support for Linder at $150 (upfront)for all of her yearly needs and $50 per month for her monthly needs.

Still some discussions to be had, but that’s where we are as of now.



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