Meet Chris

Written by Elizabeth Palmer

You may remember him from our Facebook page.  He grew up in the western part of Kenya in Kakamega County, Isongo Village. Chris has been serving at Simiyu House in Kenya for eight years.  Before working with our organization, he finished high school and bible college, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theology and biblical studies.  When he isn’t working with Simiyu House, he works as a pastor in his church.  He was called to work for Simiyu because he wanted to make a difference in the lives of orphans in Kenya.  He has seen abandonment up-close, where orphans are cast out by society.  They are left to suffer, drop out of school, and continue the cycle of poverty they were born into.  Living in Kenya alongside some of these orphans fuels his passion for serving the organization.  Most of the children live below poverty level, meaning their basic needs cannot be fulfilled.  Most of them only have one meal per day, and others go without anything.  Chris is excited to begin the school year and bring the power of education to more orphans in Kenya! Additionally, he is excited to continue meeting the basic needs of the five orphans we’ve already begun supporting in 2016 (Linda, Edwin, Josephine, Rose, and Zechariah) as well as seeking support for the other twenty-five local orphans on our list! He looks forward to getting to know each child this year and helping them discover their passions so they can channel their unique personalities into changing their communities!

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