Our People

Eric Smith

President – With a bachelor’s degree in education and a strong passion for business and service to others, Eric Smith balances the jobs of middle school English teacher and non-profit business owner. During his 2007 student teaching experience in Kenya, he volunteered with a project for street boys and yearned for more. Although there are programs around that help street children, Eric thought it was necessary to build something permanent in order to really make a change in the community; however, he admits that if it weren’t for Chris Shiko’s persistent attitude and passion for the street boys, Project Kenya might have looked much different than it does today!

Chris Shiko

Project Director – A methodical man, to say the least, Chris Shiko is one who gets things done efficiently. He is self-driven in every way possible and his passion to serve is unearthly. A graduate of Bungoma Bible College, Chris is a well-rounded reverend. He is a native of Kakamega , Kenya and wishes to improve the well-being of his community is starting with the most deprived of all, street children. Graduating college is a feat in any country, but especially Kenya; Chris continues to push for more and is an avid learner. Education is another passion of his, and he wants to share as much as he knows to better the area around him.

Kim Marshall

Executive Director – Kim is a self-driven woman who keeps everyone on task with a smile. She delegates as necessary and keeps a wicked planner with tabs, highlighters, bells, alarms, etc. She has been part of the team since January of 2009 and has made an incredible impact thus far. With her upbeat attitude, amazing organizational skills, and passion for others, she continues to set the bar high for Simiyu House. Kim has brought much success to the business in a short amount of time and Simiyu House is more than excited to see what she is capable of in the future.

Steve Heinrich

Web Designer – If you can’t make it to the project site, thank this magnificent man for showing you Simiyu House! Steve is a somewhat quiet guy with an enormous amount of creativity and knowledge. He has worked steadily on the website since the February of 2008 and continues to incorporate new ideas into the website making it easier for all of us to navigate the progress of Simiyu. As a graphic designer by occupation, Steve has volunteered time outside of his regular occupation to create the website before you. His effort, ideas, and time are equal to each of our team members and he is greatly appreciated throughout the organization. Thanks Steve!