First to be Served: Linder

The Short Story about Linder, a Simiyu House: Kenya orphan.

Linder is one of our genuine and needy orphans we visited during Nathan’s stay at Simiyu House: Kenya last month. She is 13 years old in grade six. Her mother passed away two years ago as a result of a road accident, which puts her in grade four when her mother passed away.

Linder Makokha

Before her mother passed away, she used to live a normal life as any other kid who has the parents. She was doing well at school as a result of the support from her late mother. Linder was then abandoned by her father, and her aunt volunteered to take care of her and stay with her. In our community, most kids are better taken care of by their mother than their father, even if their father is still alive. Her aunt lives within Simiyu House: Kenya community.

During our house to house visits of the orphans, we (Nathan and I) were able to meet her at her aunt’s place and had a brief conversation with her. That’s when we found that she doesn’t go to school, but as we talked to her, she said she is still hoping to go back to school and continue with her education. She also lacks a completely safe environment (health) due to not having some basic needs met.

At her aunt’s place life is still very difficult and her aunt is not able to meet Linder’s personal and educational needs. Linder only survives at one meal per day: that’s ugali (a staple food, a dish of white cornmeal cooked with water to a dough-like consistency). Sometimes, they have another meal once per week at some point, otherwise only ugali. The aunt has more family to support, so she is not able to give good care towards Linder.

With this brief story, I decided with full confidence to pick Linder to be our first orphan to support according to our mission (safe environment, formal education, and life skills). There are still more orphans who have a lot of sad stories of living. We hope to support them all, but we will keep to the Simiyu House motto and begin with a micro-movement: we will start with one.

The exact breakdown of our plan for Linder will be coming soon!  Be sure to catch our personal updates on our Facebook Page.


Chris & Eric

Matching Team

This is the letter from my Matching Team proposal;  I’ll begin rolling out this idea via social media soon, but I wanted to go ahead and post something and the full link here!

I talked to Chris (Director of Simiyu House: Kenya) on the phone this morning, and I could hear wailing and crying in the background.  He explained to me that the neighbor’s young daughter had just died in the hospital.  She was sick, but nobody knew how sick…until she was gone.

There are thirty (30) children in the immediate area of our compound in Kenya that don’t eat as well as they should, who only have one tattered shirt, who aren’t in school because they can’t pay school fees or pay for books, or have a huge hole in the roof of their home.  Many of these children’s guardians are relatives, people who have taken on the responsibility of raising these children for various reasons, but who do not necessarily have the resources to do so.  We want to directly supplement any support these children are getting right now in their own environment.

The motto of Simiyu House is “Big Difference by Micro-Movements,” and this is how we’ll satisfy the need above.  A team of like-minded people who want to see those who are less fortunate have more resources and a better life in general will gather and give a little bit, and as a team…we will make a Big Difference!  Because the children in need have now been identified, we can begin the process of giving direct help: new clothing, school fees, roof repair, etc.  Most organizations like Simiyu House decide to house these children and provide all needs, but I don’t think that’s necessary.  It’s a simple matter of connecting, building relationships, and being a resource to the underprivileged.  

Imagine one or both of your parents either abandoned you or suddenly died from illness.  You now live with a caring aunt or uncle or your grandparents, but the living conditions are poor.  You have some food, but you’re still hungry at night.  You have an outfit or two, but it is beyond used.  You have a roof over your head, but you’re still cold in your house because there is not quite enough money for a new blanket.  You’d like to be back in school, but again, the money for school fees just isn’t there, and you definitely can’t afford the uniform…but you know education is the only way out of this situation.

Join our matching team, and not only will you be continually giving helpful gifts and support to these children on a monthly basis, you’ll be directly rewarded yourself!  You’ll receive the list of items we’ve purchased and given to the less fortunate,  and you’ll get an email update with the most recent story of visitation from the field from the Simiyu House: Kenya director, Chris Shiko (a Kenyan native).  Make a Micro-Movement today by making the decision to support Simiyu House in its mission, and I can promise you’ll see the Big Difference!  Get excited to make a Big Difference by Micro-Movements!


Bottom line: I need people.

Our latest volunteer, Nathan, has made his way to Simiyu House Kenya compound after 30 hours of travel–yikes.  Between the flight to Europe, the flight to Africa, and the bus ride from Nairobi…the total is 24 hours.  It’s a tough trip, but Nathan was excited when I talked to him on the phone, yet excited to fall asleep tonight as well.

Nathan and Chris are working on a couple of things during his stay.  The first objective is to begin identifying school-aged children who are not in school.  You might ask yourself,”Why would there be children like this?”  There are many reasons.  Too many reasons, unfortunately; however, many of them have to do simply with the fact that they are unable to pay the school fees (which total less than $1,000 for sure).  Many children have been orphaned and their aunts, uncles, or grandparents now looking after them cannot afford to keep them in school.  Others have chosen life on the streets, and for parents/guardians, that may mean one less mouth to feed…so they allow it.

The second objective is to begin a small kiosk. We’re still trying to find the right fit for a small sustainable business in Kenya, but it’s becoming increasingly important as we seek out children to help.  I’ve never liked the idea of constantly sending money to Africa.  I’m in the business of supplying the resources that we DO have to those who DON’T have.  Notice I say resources; that doesn’t necessarily mean money.  It can equal manual labor, knowledge, other life skills, OR money, if that’s what is needed.  Bottom line: I need people.

I hope to learn so much from Nathan’s trip as I have from the many people who have visited previously.  The wisdom of a new traveler is invaluable!  I love it.

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It Never Came to My Mind

My People,

Thank you for your prayers; I’m happy that the doctors are doing good work over my health. My health is improving, and I thank God for that. Keep on praying for me, and definitely the Lord shall answer our prayers. Otherwise, I’m still feeling weak, but I hope I will gain some strength by the end of this month.

My wife, Everline, has been very supportive in everything, and she has been responding to every communication because I’m not allowed to do much movement at the moment. I just spend all the time at home. Otherwise, I’m happy; it never came to my mind that people can be touched and raise funds to support me. I will always trust my God in everything.

Eric, there some few things you mentioned when we were talking over the phone previous day; I will make sure that I try and work on them and update you. Thank you so much; I will keep on updating you.

Thank you,
Everline and Chris

Health Update

Good News

In positive news, there is the “successful completion of the water project despite of all that happened.”  Simiyu thanks our team for accomplishing a project that benefits an entire African community…who does that!?  Amazing. The community gathered last week Saturday to officially open the water pump, and they invited some one to take some pictures which will be organized and sent to us soon.

Not So Good News

“Right now, [Chris] is at home still feeling sick, his recovery is very slow but, we hope he will be fine in due time.The injuries that he faced are still a problem to him and the doctor said, he must be home for the coming two month for him to be well, he was injured on his  left cheek where by, he has a problem with eating, he was also  injured at the back of his head, his head skull at the back  was fractured, his neck was also severely injured, the whole part of his left side of my body, almost is a half way dead or paralyzed, both of his legs are very weak, he also faced excessive bleeding from the head during the attack, he has also a problem with vision of his eyes. The doctors said he will continue to attend medication from home for two month. Therefore, he is still weak , whereby he cant do anything, walk by himself he must be supported…In this regard on behave of Chris, i want to thank you all who have shown their moral, financial support for his hospital bill and his personal requirements/ needs that he needs while he is sick, thank you for your hand of compassion and support, God bless you all.” ~Everline (Chris’s wife).

Current News

The funds we raised for Chris have so far helped pay off the debt that was loaned to him by family and friends, and the next bundle will be used to pay off the hospital bill itself: